Program Management and IT Strategy Support

Manage your programs with confidence.

The demands on federal programs are numerous, varied, and complex: continuous planning and reporting, satisfying evolving statutory requirements, developing effective strategies, improving operational procedures, satisfying internal and external stakeholders, and coordinating projects…all of which require both a strategic understanding of federal program management and attention to detail. BPS provides program management and strategic planning services to help you plan and execute your program to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Specific services include strategic planning, process engineering, data analysis and reporting, program performance assessment, project monitoring, and issue tracking. Our attention to detail combined with a firm grasp of the broader business and technical context helps ensure programs focus and follow-though on important items, large and small.

Federal Program Operations Support

Boost program efficiency and performance.

Fulfilling the mission of federal grant, fellowship, and award programs requires diligence and excellence in execution. BPS provides capable and versatile staff to support the daily operations of grant, fellowship, and award programs so you can focus on your mission and program effectiveness.

Specific services include application processing, payment management, application/proposal review, review coordination, meeting management, document/records management, and program/project performance evaluation.  We combine domain knowledge and systematic processes to ensure compliance with policies and procedures while increasing program efficiency and effectiveness.

System Verification and Test

Deliver IT solutions with confidence.

Rest assured that your information systems are meeting business requirements and user expectations for functionality, performance, security, and accessibility. Our team provides agile yet rigorous test and verification services that work seamlessly with Agile/DevOps development processes to enable you to deliver quality systems at the speed of modern business.

Our experienced staff have the technical depth, automation tools, and Agile processes needed to perform test and verification efficiently and effectively. We work collaboratively with project teams to design high-value test cases, isolate and resolve issues, reduce uncertainty, and move quality processes upstream to ensure smooth deployment of quality systems. Our test staff are also experienced developers, which strengthens and enhances our capabilities in automated testing of complex systems.

New!  Increase testing speed and efficiency.

BPS now offers testing as a service!  ASTA, our autonomous software test agent, will test your enterprise applications for you.  Use ASTA to stand up a new testing capability or instantly increase the capacity of your existing team.  Eliminate testing bottlenecks to fully realize the benefits of agile development.  Learn more about ASTA here.

Independent Verification and Validation

Value-added assessments for major IT investments.

BPS offers IV&V services to provide federal government clients with effective oversight of, and insight to, their most complex system development efforts. BPS’s approach combines traditional structured software testing with strategic assessments and recommendations to create a positive, collaborative atmosphere focused on success of the program.

Specific services offered include contractor deliverable assessment, development process verification, security assessment support, technical assessments, issue tracking, risk management, and acceptance testing.

Application Development and System Integration

​Practical and innovative solutions.

BPS builds enterprise web applications with the latest technologies to deliver innovative yet practical solutions for your business needs. BPS staff members combine expertise in both business processes and available technologies to help bridge the two in order to create effective solutions. BPS also provides systems integration services to help streamline business processes and improve organizational performance. BPS provides data mapping and middleware implementation services to weave independent applications into a single virtual system, eliminating duplicate data entry, improving data quality, and improving customer support.

Specific services offered include enterprise architecture definition, enterprise web application development, portal development, forms automation, XML schema development, workflow and business process automation, and system training.

Federal Capability Statement

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