Partnering with BPS

Why Team with BPS?

BPS believes in establishing strong, long-lasting partnerships built on trust, dedication, and synergy.  In the business development phase, we participate as an active team member and contributor on capture and proposal efforts whether as prime or sub-contractor.  In the delivery phase, we work cooperatively to ensure the success of the project.

At BPS, we have a number of active and trusted partners. In some cases, BPS provides technology expertise to complement the program or domain experience of our partner. In other cases, BPS provides deep technical proficiency in a specific area to strengthen a system development team. For our clients, our partners offer staffing depth on par with the largest contractors, and our long-standing partnerships ensure a cohesive and proven team for your project.

Our primary areas of expertise and experience include the following:

  • IT Program Management Support
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • System Testing and Verification
  • Application Development and System Integration

For more details about the areas of expertise that BPS brings to any partnership along with past performance, visit our Services page.

We offer the following support and capabilities to partners:

  • Proposal Development. We have outstanding proposal development skills, and we are eager to make substantive contributions to challenging proposals.
  • Contract Experience. We have extensive experience performing on both government and commercial contracts, so we are prepared to support the unique contract requirements and expectations of both environments.
  • Team Experience. Several members of our staff have held management roles with large prime contractors and small subcontractors, so we understand the etiquette and trust needed to make a prime-sub relationship work and the contract succeed.
  • Staff Augmentation Capability. We understand how to provide candidates with an excellent fit to help you capture positions and tasks on large IDIQ contracts without wading through piles of resumes.
  • Small Business.We are a small business, and can help large primes fulfill their small-business subcontracting requirements with a capable, predictable team player.

Key Partnerships

BPS has developed strong, synergistic partnerships with a variety of quality companies over the last two decades.  A few of our current key partnerships include the following companies:

Interested in Partnering with BPS?

If you are interested in finding out more about developing a teaming partnership with Business Performance Systems, we'd love to hear from you.  Call 1-240-398-8018 or email us at

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