Expertise Overview


Our staff have the experience, certifications, and deep expertise with tools required for successful performance testing, including requirements analysis, test automation, system analysis, and technical reporting.

Automated Functional

Our approach to functional testing has been carefully engineered to incorporate industry best-practices in QA testing and focuses on providing testing services that add measurable value to IT service delivery.

Independent Verification
and Validation (IV&V)

Our proven, strategic approach to IV&V combines a process-driven, standards-based methodology of full life cycle IV&V with a practical focus on high-value activities, and ensures compliance, functionality, and quality.

Program Management
Office (PMO) Support

Our successful approach to PMO support focuses on combining capable, experienced, versatile staff with proven processes and tools so that they can respond efficiently and effectively to the numerous and varied needs of a PMO.


BPS has extensive experience supporting organizations during all phases of acquisition support, from concept through implementation.  We apply our experience to get the best results for both large and small acquisitions.


BPS provides an integrated and comprehensive approach to capital planning to help organizations achieve a balanced mix of IT investments that can support both current and emerging business needs.

Grants Management

BPS has in-depth knowledge of the grants management processes and systems, honed by more than fifteen years of experience providing support to agencies including HHS ( and the Department of Education. 


BPS has experience implementing chatbot systems which allow organizations to quickly introduce automation into their help desk apparatus and begin realizing savings and improving the customer experience.

Data Governance/Data Management

BPS has deep expertise across the full lifecycle of information management encompassing data collection, storage, analysis, and dissemination to identify trends & correlations, develop business & mission strategies, and evaluate results.


Our approach to cybersecurity emphasizes expert staff, disciplined processes, recognized security frameworks, and customer service to provide full-lifecycle support to ensure programs meet all federal and agency security requirements.


Our technology insertion approach applies hands-on development experience, infusion processes, objective analysis of alternatives, and cost-effective proof-of-concept prototypes to help clients identify, evaluate, and leverage new technologies.

Business Process

BPS’s business process reengineering approach provides a proven, time-tested framework which has been designed (and refined) to help organizations realize substantive improvements in performance, regardless of the specific product or solution.