The Autonomous Software Test Agent


ASTA performs fully autonomous functional testing of enterprise applications.  There is no need to define test cases, record actions, write test scripts, or create test data: just give ASTA the base URL of your application and click start!  ASTA will explore and test any web application using built-in rules to verify pages, links, buttons, and forms.  It automatically generates test data for both valid and invalid cases using domain analysis.  In addition, if you have form specifications, ASTA can read them and perform detailed verification of field labels, help text, and validations.  Configurable rules allow testing of application-specific behaviors.

Benefits and Uses

ASTA eliminates the need to develop basic test scripts, freeing your testers to focus on higher-value testing.  It also enables you to immediately test new functionality, without waiting for new test scripts to be written.  Faster testing means faster product releases, increasing business value and competitiveness.  ASTA is great for smoke testing, initial functional testing, and basic regression testing.


ASTA pricing is designed to be simple and transparent.  Choose from one of four levels to fit your needs and budget: Free ($0), Plus ($150/month), Pro ($800/month), or Enterprise ($4300/month).  All versions are priced per-application.  The Enterprise version includes tailoring to your application, live training, and phone support.  We offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee: we will provide a full refund if ASTA does not deliver the value that you expected.

Free Beta Trial!

For a limited time, we are seeking participants for our beta program.  Click the link below to submit an application.  Participants will have free access to ASTA in exchange for their feedback on the product.  Free access is also available to support research and development projects related to automated test and verification.