BPS Wins ED PMO-IVV BPA Recompete

(June 29, 2017) Business Performance Systems was awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contract to provide the Department of Education with IT Program Management Office (PMO) support and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services.  This BPA enables ED programs and projects to quickly obtain expert services needed to help formulate and manage IT projects. BPS is teamed with ZipZap IT solutions as its hubzone partner.

BPS Awarded Grants.gov Program Technical Support Contract

(August 24, 2015) Business Performance Systems was awarded a five year contract to provide Program Technical Support services to the HHS/Grants.gov program. Under this contract, BPS provides a variety of technical services to the Grants.gov Program Management Office, including Independent Verification and Validation of system releases, technical analysis of important issues, life-cycle management, program/project management support, and assessment of promising technologies.

BPS Wins USPTO Performance Analysis Testing Contract

(March 3, 2014) Business Performance Systems was awarded a five-year contract to provide Performance Analysis Testing services to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. BPS will perform final performance testing and detailed analyisis on all releases of nearly 200 enterprise applications to help ensure that USPTO staff and public users always have access to critical information in a responsive and timely way.

BPS Supports ED On-Line Application System

(September 18, 2013) Business Performance Systems was awarded a task order with the U.S. Department of Education to support planning, acquisition, implementation, and verification of a new On-Line Application System (OLAS) for the Office of Communication and Outreach. For this effort, BPS supports concept development, analysis of alternatives, cost estimation, ROI calculation, system acquisition, and independent verification.


(June 29, 2012) Business Performance Systems was awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) contract to provide the Department of Education with IT Program Management Office (PMO) support and Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) services.  This BPA enables ED programs and projects to quickly obtain expert services needed to help formulate and manage IT projects.

BPS Wins HHS Grants.gov IV&V Contract

(May 1, 2011) Business Performance Systems has been awarded a five year contract to provide independent verification and validation support for the Grants.gov eGov initiative at HHS.  BPS will perform testing, technical assessments, and requirements management to ensure the functionality and performance of the Grants.gov system, adequacy of all contractor processes and deliverables, and systematic management of user requirements.

BPS Wins USPTO Subcontract

(March 6, 2010) Business Performance Systems has been awarded a subcontract with InfoZen to provide Production Verification Support to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Under the 10-year contract BPS is responsible for functional and performance testing of roughly 190 USPTO systems to ensure updates and new systems meet customer requirements and end-user expectations.

BPS Supports the Surge on Grants.gov

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act resulted in a surge of Federal grant activity, and consequently a surge in the load on the Grants.gov system.  To help the Grants.gov program office prepare the system for this increased load, BPS provided detailed performance testing/analysis and made clear, concrete recommendations.

Although the system strained under loads early on, implementation of the recommendations significantly increased system capacity, and the system successfully handled the heaviest loads.  BPS staff worked nights and weekends to test system enhancements off-hours to help minimize the impact to the user community while ensuring the stability, functionality, and performance of the system.

Our hats are off to the dedicated Federal staff and the system integration contractor staff who also put in many late hours…it was a great team effort and ultimately successful.

BPS Supports Launch of NARA’s Presidential Libraries

On January 20, 2009 the presidential administration officially changed hands.  In the background, millions of presidential records from the Bush administration were being transferred to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA): documents, email, photographs, and databases of all kinds.  The transfer was performed with little fanfare, because the NARA was ready for this huge onslaught of records, including many times the number of electronic records received from past administrations.

A year earlier, the chances of success did not look so good.  NARA was struggling with implementation of the baseline Electronic Records Archive (ERA), a large and complex system designed for the controlled transfer of records.  It would be perhaps another six months before the system was ready to transfer Federal records and could even begin the modifications needed to support the unique processes and formats associated with presidential records.  The January 20 deadline was clearly unachievable.

NARA engaged with Lockheed Martin to identify an alternate path to success.  Part of the solution would be a novel storage system with embedded search capabilities that would support the presidential library requirements.  That still left, however, development of a full-scale enterprise web application with record management and case management capabilities, which would have to be completed in parallel with (and in less time than) the baseline ERA system.  Working under Lockheed, BPS proposed and prototyped an alternative architecture that leveraged a content management system and an open source application framework to dramatically reduce development time, while providing users a high degree of functionality and flexibility.  The system also exploited XML as a common format to provide uniform access to a wide variety of records.

Working hand-in-hand with a small team of capable Lockheed staff and NARA representatives, initial demonstration capabilities were completed within four months, and production capabilities were achieved a few months later.  BPS staff flew to Texas to provide training to end users, and all was ready by the transition date.  The rest, as they say, is history…well preserved in the Bush 43 Presidential Library.

BPS Announces Launch of Continuous Testing Framework

How can test and assurance keep up with the trend toward rapid development and continuous integration? With a continuous testing framework, naturally.

As the Grants.gov system development approached critical milestones, the rate of new “builds” to deploy fixes and enhancements increased dramatically.  Even for small changes, however, a thorough testing was required to ensure not only that the new other functions worked, but that others were not inadvertently broken.  And yet the testing needed to be accomplished in much less time than before.

To respond to this challenge, BPS developed an innovative solution that used open source continuous integration tools and applied them to automated test cases.  The result: a dramatic decrease in the time to conduct system testing and an increase in test quality.  This continuous testing framework can benefit any medium-to-large scale application development effort…contact us to see how we might be able to help your project.