BPS Announces Launch of Continuous Testing Framework

How can test and assurance keep up with the trend toward rapid development and continuous integration? With a continuous testing framework, naturally.

As the Grants.gov system development approached critical milestones, the rate of new “builds” to deploy fixes and enhancements increased dramatically.  Even for small changes, however, a thorough testing was required to ensure not only that the new other functions worked, but that others were not inadvertently broken.  And yet the testing needed to be accomplished in much less time than before.

To respond to this challenge, BPS developed an innovative solution that used open source continuous integration tools and applied them to automated test cases.  The result: a dramatic decrease in the time to conduct system testing and an increase in test quality.  This continuous testing framework can benefit any medium-to-large scale application development effort…contact us to see how we might be able to help your project.

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