Data Governance/Data Management

BPS has deep expertise across the full lifecycle of information management encompassing data collection, storage, analysis, and dissemination for the purpose of identifying trends & correlations, developing business & mission strategies, and evaluating results.  Our expertise is derived from hands-on experience across a variety of domains including organizational performance evaluation & reporting (including GPRA), Earth science remote sensing, patent & trademark processing, IT systems performance, federal human resources management, benefits adjudication, federal program evaluation, and federal grants management.

Our data management expertise covers all segments of the Data Management Body of Knowledge wheel.  Examples include the following:

  • Data architecture design to ensure integrity and performance through master data management, data partitioning, and other techniques.
  • Conceptual data modeling to support business analysis, dimensional data modeling for high-performance data analysis, and XML/JSON schema design for data interchange.
  • Design and implementation of data-centric security based on discretionary access controls and mandatory access controls to achieve high levels of flexibility and security
  • Development of data interchange standards and ETL for interoperability, aggregation, and analysis
  • Data warehousing to support integrated analysis of data across domains and over time
  • Document and content management to leverage organizational knowledge and facilitate collaboration
  • Metadata design and implementation to facilitate records management
  • Quality analysis to provide reliable information for operations and decision making

Our expertise also extends beyond the technical aspects of data management to include business aspects such as data governance to achieve the vision, sponsorship, and funding needed to fully realize the value of your data assets.