Chatbot Implementation

BPS implements cost-effective chatbots to improve service and reduce helpdesk costs.  Your custom chatbot can handle and respond to user requests in plain language, providing a personalized and streamlined experience for helpdesk support requests, service requests, and public inquiries.  The chatbot handles routine issues so your program, operations, and support staff can focus on higher-value tasks.

We incorporate state-of-the-art tools from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and the open source community that employ artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to discern user intents and provide relevant responses.  Equally important, we apply our highly refined conversational design framework to ensure those responses are clear, consistent, and complete.  Pilot implementations can take as little as a few weeks.

Implementation Approach

Our chatbot implementation approach leverages a proven chatbot foundation consisting of five components:

  • A purpose-built chat widget that not only supports user conversations but also has special functions for user feedback collection and live support transfer.
  • A chatbot engine that uses artificial intelligence techniques (including natural language processing and machine learning) to accurately determine the user's intent and provide an appropriate response.
  • A knowledge base that consolidates and condenses information from across your organization or program into training phrases and responses for use by the chatbot engine.
  • A proven conversation design framework that defines the chatbot response style and structure to ensure clarity, consistency, and completeness.
  • A diagnostics component that provides logging and analysis to support continuous improvement.

This foundation enables us to quickly develop chatbots that provide immediate business value and grow with you over time.


Success Stories

HHS Chatbot Implementation

BPS created a Q&A chatbot for HHS to improve customer service and reduce helpdesk costs.  The chatbot can answer 140 frequently asked questions and currently handles about 4000 conversations per month at a small fraction of the cost of live phone support.

BPS handled the entire chatbot project from inception through deployment, BPS defined the initial concept and obtained stakeholder buy-in.  We collected and analyzed information from helpdesk scripts, call logs, FAQs, and the website to identify common support requests and appropriate responses.  We developed the chatbot widget and server to manage conversations, format responses, and log diagnostic information.  We supported security assessments and deployment processes.  We coordinated and conducted a series of internal and public evaluations to assess the effectiveness of the chatbot and level of acceptance by users.  We continue to operate and refine the chatbot, and provide the program with performance metrics that include usage and customer satisfaction.