Acquisition Support

BPS has extensive experience supporting organizations in all aspects of acquisition life cycle management support from concept through implementation.  We have deep knowledge of the acquisition process and apply our experience to get the best results from available resources, supporting both large and small acquisitions within Federal agencies. We provide detailed management objectives to facilitate the completion of programs on time, within scope, and under budget.  Our support includes all of the following areas:
  • Market Research & Acquisition Planning Support
    • Requirements/needs identification
    • Acquisition Team selection
    • SOO/SOW/PWS creation
    • Acquisition Plan development
    • Business Case development
    • Project Planning
    • EVM data
    • Deliverables development
  • Solicitation & Source Selection Support
    • Synopsis development
    • Proposal management
    • TEP Team management
    • Cost/Price Analysis
    • Competitive Range development
  • Negotiation & Award Support
    • Q&A
    • Negotiation support
    • Source Selection
    • Award support
  • Post-Award Management Support

Success Stories

Department of Education, On-Line Application System (OLAS) Acquisition

The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Communications and Outreach (ED OCO) needed to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve security by acquiring and implementing a new system to facilitate submission and review of three types of applications for awards, internships, and fellowships offered by the Department.  Additionally, they wanted to eliminate paper-based evaluations that required travel for in-person reviews, and eliminate the submission of sensitive personal information through email.  BPS applied business and technical expertise to quickly analyze the program functions, define key requirements, conduct an analysis of comparable programs, create a future concept of operations, determine the solution cost and return on investment, and identify the process impacts and opportunities.  Based on this information, OCO was able to obtain funding for a replacement solution.  BPS helped OCO navigate the challenge of being one of the first in ED to acquire a cloud-based commercial solution.  After vendor selection, BPS developed and tracked the integrated project schedule, assessed contractor deliverables, identified and tracked issues and defects, trained system users, developed supporting reports, quickly identified and resolved operational issues, and generally ensured the successful implementation of the system.