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A selenium tester wants to log information before, after and during an event is triggered. Which Selenium feature can be used to achieve this goal?  

A tester wants to store web elements of the Application Under Test (AUT) together with their locator values, in one or more centralized locations as opposed to hard coding them within the test scripts. Which of the following can be used to achieve this? 

Each web page in the application is required to have its own corresponding page class. The page class is thus responsible for finding the WebElements in that page and then perform operations on those WebElements. In Selenium, what is the name of this Design pattern?

How can you a take a screenshot using Selenium WebDriver?  

A web page throws a confirmation/alert pop-up box and to continue the automation process the program needs to reject/cancel the alert message and go to the next step in the test script How can this be done 

In a testing operation, a tester wants to continue the execution even if there is a failure in the testing process so that other test cases can be verified and the operation is not stuck at a single point of failure. The tester finds that every time the test script faces an execution error the test script stops and does not go to the next testing stage.  The script uses Junit Assert class.  Which one of the following statements is true 

Note: There can be multiple correct answers to this question.  

How do you attach a file from local storage to a webpage attachment content element?  

Implicit wait can be used to:  

  1. Wait for a page to load
  2. To look for a specific element on a page and timeout if the element does not load within the specified value
  3. To halt the execution until the time a particular execution condition is met  

Which of the following locator type is not available in Selenium? 

What is DOM? 

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