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Customer says they need 95th percentile response time value for all transactions. Your scenario has 10 virtual users which you know will generate at least 90 observations for each transaction. Your colleague says you must change your scenario to ensure 95th percentile can be calculated. You decide to:

Run-time settings in the Controller allow you to select either thread or process mode for running your test. You prefer:

Your test scenario has 200 vusers. Beyond 50 vusers, you notice that response times stayed the same but Total transactions per second and Throughput (bytes) went down. You decide to:

A character array called username can be declared in C as follows:

The following declaration in a vuser script:

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  1. Imagine a small store with a single clerk and an area for browsing products and no one leaves without buying something.  A customer enters the store, browses available products, selects one of them, pays for it at the counter and then exits the store.  Assume that this is a stable system (the arrival rate at which people enter the store is the same as their exit rate) and think time is defined as time spent by customers browsing the products before getting in line to pay for their selection.

If 30 customers were seen entering the store in a 60-minute interval and each customer spent 10 minutes in the store before leaving, what was the average number of customers in the store during this time? 

IP spoofing configuration

The picture below shows Analysis results for a web application. Average hits per second shown is the same as:

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A client site has a homepage with several images, CSS and JS resources needed to render the page and wants to evaluate the performance for first-time users. The Web/HTTP script, with default Run-Time Settings, has a web_custom_request step with mode=HTML.  Select the most efficient strategy to download all the resources in order to simulate a browser page load:

Select the statement that is false.

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